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California Leans Heavily on Thousands of Inmate Firefighters | KQED

The Bully Fire, which has burned more than 12,600 acres in Shasta County, is nearly contained. In the two weeks since it ignited, about 2,000 firefighters have battled the blaze. Nearly half of them — 900 — are inmates with the California Department of Corrections. These “low-level offenders” making just $2 a day are a crucial component in how the state battles wildfires.

“First day we was out here it was like 111 or 115 and that’s not including the fire,” says Emir Dunn. His orange fire suit swamps his slender body, but don’t be fooled by his size. Like most inmate firefighters he lugs more than 100 pounds of gear with him: an axe, food, water, fuel for the chainsaw.

The air tastes like a charcoal briquette. The wind picks up, and a mix of dirt and ash swirl from the ground. Dunn scours the scorched area looking for embers that could reignite. He sees smoke billowing from the ground. He readies the hose and he and a crewmate blast the smoking mound with water.

Dunn and 15 others will stay here for a 24-hour shift. They might catch some sleep, but very little. They hiked up here and they’ll hike back to the pick-up point, a slog that’s likely to be several miles.

Each crew has one professional firefighter, a captain, and the rest are men convicted of crimes including drug offenses and armed robbery.

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Is Hamas a by-product of the Israeli occupation? Yes. Just as Hezbollah is a by-product of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, al-Shabab a by-product of Ethiopia’s occupation of Somalia, al-Qaeda of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and the Islamic State, of the US ’ occupation of Iraq. Historical records make that clear.

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Al-Qaeda is not a by-product of Soviet occupation. Al-Qaeda militants were recruited by the U.S. to fight communism in Afghanistan. Therefore, Al-Qaeda is not a by-product of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan; it is a product of U.S. interests in the country. 

What happened in Afghanistan has not been discussed in the West. When the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan, the US saw in it an opportunity that was two-fold. One, to tie the Soviet Union in a Vietnam-like war in Afghanistan. Two, they saw in it an opportunity to mobilise the entire Muslim world in a violent way against the Soviet Union, against communism.

American operatives went around the Muslim world recruiting for the jihad in Afghanistan. This whole phenomenon of jihad as an international armed struggle has not existed in the Muslim world since the 10th century. It was brought back into being, enlivened, and pan-Islamised by the American effort. I saw planeloads of them arriving—from Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine. These people were brought in, given an ideology, told that the armed struggle is a virtuous thing to do, and the whole notion of jihad as an international pan-Islamic terrorist movement was born. The US spent 8 billion dollars in producing the bin Ladens of our time. That camp they hit in Afghanistan, I visited it in 1986. It was a CIA-sponsored camp.

Eqbal Ahmad

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Tara Walker Becomes the First Black Female Firefighter in the 143-Year-History of Jersey City


Tara Walker Becomes the First Black Female Firefighter in the 143-Year-History of Jersey City

Tara Walker Becomes the First Black Female Firefighter in the 143-Year-History of Jersey City

Friday was three years in the making for 31-year-old Tara Walker. Walker is the first African-American female firefighter in the 143-year-history of Jersey City. She graduated in a class of 26.  (more…)

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Yet ppl don’t understand how white privilege still exists in brown n black countries

And pooooor Europe doesn’t want any immigrants in their country :’(


While misery exists, we choose rebellion

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