We Only Fight If We're Provoked


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"On Demographics."

Following the news this week made me really, really angry and I don’t think some people realize just how many Americans are affected by aggressive and militarized law enforcement. We need to call for immediate police reform for the sake of the kids coming up right now.

Blue Deliquanti is one of my biggest heroes.  She draws, and she THINKS.

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BREAKING: The case against Officer Darrell Wilson will be heading for a grand jury.


County prosecutor says Michael Brown’s murderer’s case will go to a grand jury |

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Protesters upset about the smearing of Mike Brown converged at CNN headquarters.

people complain sooo much about social media and “twitter activism” completely ignoring that without social media the only way anyone would know whats going on is through media controlled by straight, white, capitalist men

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A VICE reporter was allegedly shot in the leg.

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Dozens of police and SWAT vehicles moving at rapid pace down the street.

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Teens launch phone app to keep tabs on police brutality

Police brutality may seem like a subject best handled by lawmakers and political advocates, but three teenagers from Georgia are hoping to shed light on the problem and promote good behavior with a new app they’ve developed.

Called “Five-O,” the app has been designed specifically for mobile phones and encourages users to record and document every encounter they have with police officers. By doing so, users can submit ratings for local law enforcement, allowing people to see how each area’s police departments stack up in terms of civil behavior.

Speaking with Business Insider, 16-year-old Ima Christian of Decatur, Georgia, said her siblings came up with the idea after regularly hearing reports of police abuse around the United States.



The fact that trans women have just been completely booted out of this conversation on police brutality smfh…

In 2008, a black trans woman was severely beaten by police and was preparing to sue the Memphis Police Department. She was killed execution style shortly after and no one has yet to be arrested.. Her name was Duanna Johnson. Remember her name…



when vets talk about police looking like the military and resembling an ‘occupying force’ do they not see that they were a fucked up occupying force themselves?

That national chauvinism where it’s okay to occupy foreigners and third world countries but that can’t take place in America.

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